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Progressive classical education is either governmental homescholling programs under Title 6 programs or private homeschooling which is not a new concept in education but nontraditional and involves more participation of the parents, mentors and support systems. Virtual classroom, webinars, seminars, workshops, distance learning, online learning, curriculum participation through invidvidualized majors, accelerated education programs and college readiness is what is the product of progressive education and it is a proven attribute that postsecondary education, colleges and universities, are accepting. Harvard University, Howard Community College and the Big Ten Schools have already implemented high school programs that have no geographic barriers to college readiness if you are ready to participate. Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw

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M.B.A. Everest Diploma

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Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Ph. D. / D.B.A
General Delivery, Orlando, Florida 32801 

Managerial Training/Experience
Organizational Behavior:  Assessed and analyzed organizational culture and behavior. Focused on behavioral management and team strategies to fascilitate organizational cohesiveness, including stress management and detering stress triggers for the purposes of eliminating organizational dysfunction
Organizational Processes: Analyzed organizational processes and communication disorders within organizations within structural design patterns, job design and job task
Organizational Communicational Design and Dysfunctions/Technological Change in Organizations: Redesigned organizational communications design, communication infrastructure and processes whereas analytical measures to eliminate organizational miscommunication amongst, functional and dysfunctional communication barriers with regard to employee, staff and client were emphasized
Quality Management/Employee Assistance Counseling/Workforce Diversity: Reviewed employee profiles, personalities, and empathy needs analysis for employee coaching and performance balance towards cohesive employee groups, teams and assistance in areas of personal development, stress analysis, and abusive disorders that created job related dysfunction including work load, job task,, review of employee and management conflicts such as harassment, employee rights, labor law and facilitated employee/management communication including  employer ethics and management Law
Organization Design, Organizational Change: Progressive Academic Curriculum Design and Social Trends: Implemented frontier course material and designed course instruction based upon a network of communal, virtual classroom, collegiate/university student technological support mediums, inclusive of online distance learning, tutorial, and extended student programs towards curriculum acceleration and diversification as a trainer, advisor and educator. Assessed employee training objectives as identified in the employer mission statement toward employer objectives collaborated with employee  portfolios to create engaging employment experiences that transfer toward internship/academic transcripts that exemplify and highlight employee achievements and awards towards scholarship performance., promoting continuing adult education
Achieved target sales goals by maintaining, building and enhancing
client relationships, Marketed and introduced various company products as a consultant utilizing branding strategy, focusing on brand identity, performing and improvising script material or product familiarity. Accounted and inventoried as a business development analystfor retail sales figures and orders in area facilitating design structures to build product inventory

Business Policy & Strategy
Management of Professionals
Global Marketing
International Marketing
Organizational Management
Management Ethics
Management of Human Resources

Ph. D.  Corllins University November 2010
MBA for General Business Management, Everest University July 2009
Graduate ID: RV50008193


Corllins University Certification

It is hereby certified that
Sheila Jocelyn Shaw
has successfully completed his/her Doctorate of Business Administration
from Corllins University
in the year 2010.
The particulars for Sheila Jocelyn Shaw are as follows:
Sheila Jocelyn Shaw
Date of Birth:
September 6, 1971
Year of Graduation:
Program Enrolled:
Doctorate of Business Administration
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