Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Ph. D. / D.B.A
General Delivery, Orlando, Florida 32801 

Long term professional training,the psychology/function of organizational culture management,and my tenure in academics are assets in my career portfolio as the foundation towards building a successful relationship with the college/universit.I am interested in a full time or visiting instructor position within post secondary education the college or university. As an experienced educator in the progressive educational paradigms a position with your college/university would compliment my  future within academic endeavors through professional exposure and alliance.
PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP:I implemented customized course material and designed course instruction based upon a global futurist paradigm in education oriented with cohesive team networks of communal,virtual classroom, collegiate/university student multimedia communication collaborating with experts in online distance learning paradigms & extended student programs, curriculum acceleration & diversification as an educator.I designed, administered/outsourced grade examinations to assess achievement of course objectives as identified in the student curriculum. My experience in redesigning infrastructure,implementing connected teaching models,effective teaching to enable & stimulate expanded learning resources that provide a learner centric architecture populated with technological assess to asynchronous continuous learning systems enabling the design of student portfolios to create engaging, extraordinary transcripts that exemplify & highlight student portfolio achievements inclusive of comprehensive merit based achievements towards scholarship performance.
Credentials: Ph.D./D.B.A. Corllins University November 2010
MBA Everest University July 2009, Graduate ID: RV50008193 PW:51480769

Everest University

Business Policy & Strategy
Management of Professionals
Global Marketing
International Marketing
Organizational Management
Management Ethics
Management of Human Resources

Corllins University

Business Finance
Asset Management
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Industry Competitive Analysis
Legal Aspects of Marketing
Marketing Communications